Letter: Yes to a bag ban referendum

In her recent letter, Beth Adams said she doesn’t want a referendum on the bag ban and doesn’t understand the upside of using plastic bags. As one of hundreds of craft show vendors and maybe thousands of small-business owners in Anchorage, I can tell you that we are freaking out. The tiny crafts businesses mostly cannot afford to buy flimsy paper bags or cloth bags for our customers, as rents and material costs are high except for at a few of the school bazaars.

In some cases, people don’t come by the smaller craft shows, and sometimes we don’t even make the rent. A lot of the larger businesses have a lot of plastic bags printed with their logos that will end up being a waste of money if they can’t use them up before the bag ban.

I pack my lunches in the recycled bags, carry stuff from my garage or from room to room, use the bags as trash can liners in my bathrooms, for padding in postal boxes that I ship out, bag items to store from the dust, use them for thrift store donations, for gathering trash from my car and for dead heading my large garden when a garbage bag is too big to drag with me. All of my life, I’ve gotten bags from shopping and recycle them.

As far as voting in the Assembly members who are supposed to “represent” us, I didn’t vote for the winners — especially the one who treated me rudely when I came to his office for help. If you want to blame someone for all of the plastic bags that are blowing in the wind, drive by the intersection of Spenard and Minnesota on any day after the panhandlers have left for the day. You will see how much trash they have left behind for someone else to pick up. They certainly don’t care about the environment.

I will be sending Mr. Nees any and all information on where to go for support with his bag ban referendum. Thanks to Mr. Nees for his support on getting one of our rights back.

— Jana Barlow


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