Letter: No bag referendum needed

I saw David Nees’ this morning. I wanted him to know that I support the ban on plastic bags. I weighed in with the Assembly in support of the ban.

I’m a little confused why he thinks the Assembly should have put the ban “in front of the people” for a vote. We voted to elect representatives to — well, to represent us. The majority voted for those now in office. They took public input. They voted. Why do we need to vote again?

I understand that we have the right to a referendum process. In some cases, I think it’s appropriate. In this case, I think it’s a waste of time.

I’ve lived in Anchorage for 54 years. I was born in Alaska. I have zero tolerance for people who can’t be bothered to be responsible with their trash. I’m sick of seeing plastic bags hanging from trees and snagged in bushes. Using reusable bags is not difficult. What, please tell me, is the upside to using plastic bags?

— Beth Adams


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