The unbearable lightness of the pacts

November 4, 2018 - By Joseph Taylor

Few moments, as comfortable for self-absorption and reflection as those of being in the hairdressing salon, in silence and before the mirror. It was an experience almost of divan, loosened the imagination and the lip, that took advantage of Thursday Mauricio Macri in the armchair of Juan Sosa, the Figaro of Coronel Baigorria (Córdoba), to make a solo balance of the uprising of a group of opposition governors , that threaten to replace the Sojero Fund, a box of at least $ 80,000 million. The first thing that came to mind before the mirror of Sosa, was the memory of November 24, 2015, when the Supreme Court of Justice celebrated its victory in the ballotage of 48 hours before, with a sentence that obliged the State to pay them to three provinces, a huge debt due to deductions from pension contributions. In the conversations with those who accompanied him in the visit to Cordoba, the memory of that sentence was recurrent: how the rise of the leaders headed by Gerardo Zamora and Gildo Insfrán, was surprising, and also threatens to disrupt all the agreements that had been said They were closed around the 2019 Budget. Was not everything closed? asked Marcos Peña at some intimate table meeting at the Government House, with a tone high enough to reach Rogelio Frigerio, who spent the week in China, although hanging on the phones. It was a Peña bill to the political wing of the Government, that league that integrate Frigerio and the caciques of the ruling party in the Chamber of Deputies: Emilio Monzó, Mario Negri, Nicolás Massot. In those confessions of high and Cordoba hairdressing, speak of insatiable governors who break the agreements. As happened – remembered – in 2016 when they went to Olivos to promise a political reform that never came out, because they buried it in exchange for improving in the Senate a bad project, which had voted Deputies, low income tax. The weekend was dedicated by the president to a round of coffee to see if he will respond harshly or let it be fixed by the tunnelers who pass between officialism and opposition. It is to decide between two explanatory options: either they are insatiable, or it is that the Government -now that the agreement with the IMF came out- shows that it has enough money. Answering with some sopapos may resent their relationship with peaceful partners of Peronism, such as Juan Schiaretti – the host that day – or Juan Manuel Urtubey, because it would force them to a debate that suits us at this time when all seek unity.

Political agreements are never fulfilled

Neither ends up understanding the final meaning of this uprising of the governors, the other defender of the agreement, the CEO of rational Peronism Miguel Pichetto. He had agreed to an interview request that day, made by the governor of Tierra del Fuego Roxana Bertone, on behalf of other colleagues such as Insfrán and Zamora, to discuss the terms of a reform to the increase in Personal Assets, which exempts the measure to the owners of unique housing. The talk led to the demand that the Senate address the repeal of Macri’s DNU that abolished the Sojero Fund. Pichetto reminded them that there was an agreement for the Budget that contained compensation in exchange for that cut. Whose agreement? We do not agree anything. There was some exit of tone and reproaches to some operators of Deputies, like Diego Bossio. Pichetto reminded them that the former ANSeS had voted against the Budget, and that the legislators of Zamora had facilitated the approval. Now it is known that the governor of Santiago del Estero wanted the sanction of Deputies to be delayed a week, to finish negotiating with the Nation his support for the Budget, but it failed when we changed the 138 votes to approve it on October 24. The number was closed in agreement with the governors, and in exchange for negotiations one by one, which included from funds to political pacts for next year’s elections, which are not yet known in detail. Or aid as received by the governor of Tucumán Juan Manzur, to pay in better exchange conditions a debt of a judgment of the ICSID court, for a nationalization of water. Pichetto reproached the visitors on Tuesday – among whom were also Lucia Corpacci (Catamarca), Mariano Arcioni (Chubut) and Sergio Casas (La Rioja) – who had not claimed before the Chamber of Deputies repealed the DNU of the Sojero Fund , and that they come to ask him to do it in the Senate. There they touched the bone of the problem: they had asked the Peronist deputies to lift the special session for that derogation, because the Government had agreed to the compensation in the 2019 Budget and, in addition, to pay them the September tranche at the end of the year. And now they came to ask the Senate to do it, because the Government did not comply with them in time and form with the sending of the funds. Juan Perón said that political pacts

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