Vehicles: simplify registration procedures

August 14, 2018 - By Joseph Taylor

The National Directorate of Motor Vehicle Registries of the Ministry of Justice announced a simplification of tariffs for the registration of garments and leasing.

Resolution 941/18 provides that, as of December, the procedures for registration or re-registration of pledge, annotation or renewal of a contract for automotive leasing of domestic manufacture will have a fixed tariff of $ 500; and when it comes to imported vehicles it will be $ 1,000.

In the case of cargo or passenger transport vehicles, the tariff to be paid will be $ 300, as well as for agricultural, road and industrial machinery. Only the fixed value of $ 60 for motorcycles will be maintained.

The measure includes lower tariffs for agricultural, road and industrial machinery, as well as for vehicles affected by the transport of cargo or passengers, because they are considered productive goods.

In this way, the previous calculation of tariffs was eliminated in all the Automotive Property Registries that resulted from applying a certain percentage to the total amount of the contract that was intended to be registered. The aliquots ranged from 0.10% for automotives to 0.15% for agricultural, road and industrial machinery.

In this sense, the owner of an agricultural machinery had to pay previously $ 1,525 of tariff, which from now on will be $ 300, with a saving of 80%.

This measure is in line with the digitization of the procedures that affect the National Directorate of Motor Vehicle Registries and the possibility of registering the pledge agreements digitally.

“In this sense, the aim is to boost the credit granting market and speed up the procedures related to the registration of pledge and lease contracts on movable assets,” said the Ministry of Justice.

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